Accountability Matters

Tim LaFleur —  January 22, 2015

165433112At Brainerd Baptist Church we define disciple making as:

“Equipping believers with the Word of God through accountable relationships – empowered by the Holy Spirit – so that they can mature in their faith, and replicate the process.”

Believers throughout the church are meeting in gender sensitive accountability groups of 3-5, so they can become more Christlike and help others to do the same.

But what is accountability, and why is it so important?

  1. What is accountability?

According to Webster’s dictionary accountability is: “The obligation to report, explain, or justify; being responsible or answerable to someone.”

Practically speaking accountable relationships can happen when we give others the right to walk alongside us, observe our manner of life, and share with us those things that don’t measure up to Christ. Continue Reading…

522450155In years past, someone’s spiritual maturity has been measured largely by their church attendance.

Many churches even select deacons based on how faithful they are to attend services, e.g. Sunday morning, Sunday School, Sunday night, or Wednesday night.

Unfortunately, merely showing up doesn’t always equate to spiritual maturity. In the same manner, simply hearing or learning biblical information doesn’t produce spiritual growth.

Spiritual maturity doesn’t just happen through introduction of new information or Biblical facts, but through repetition and reiteration.

Many churches across the world have created a problem in their body. I call it the “Bloated Christian Syndrome.” Christians get fed so much information but are unable to digest any of it. I tell our people often, “You don’t need to attend another Bible study. You need to start investing in others the Bible you already know!”

Imagine this: you come to church on a Sunday morning to hear a message about a topic, then you head to Sunday School to hear a different message about a different topic, and then you come back that evening (like a “good Christian”) for yet another message on a different topic. Then, three days later, you attend a Wednesday night prayer meeting with a devotional about a different text on a different topic! If you had time, you might have headed to a Tuesday morning bible study about something different, on top of your daily Bible reading, Scripture memory, and discipleship group books.

I’m overwhelmed just talking about it.

We have bought into the idea that growth happens through introduction of information. It’s more than that. True transformation doesn’t happen through transfer of information, alone.

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Guest Post By Paul Laso

179230782In an age of individualism, relative thought, and pluralism, there could never be a greater need for an authoritative Word. Reliable information is a disappearing luxury in our society.

We live in the height of information: News Apps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, and countless television channels.

Where can we find a credible source of reliable and authoritative information? If you were to begin your search you’d quickly realize that taking in today’s information is like standing in front of an open fire hydrant. Or like standing in crowd being pulled in what seems like every direction.

Where do you go?

Where do you start?

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Biblical Recorder:518724519

“We’ve been using the wrong metric,” said Brandon Ware, senior pastor at Green Street Baptist Church in High Point. “Traditionally we have defined success as bigger buildings, bigger budgets and more bodies. That’s been our primary focus, and we circumvent the whole discipleship process.”

A focus on discipleship, he said, doesn’t mean the church shuns evangelism.


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growingupchallenge-logowebHave you been putting off taking the Growing Up Challenge? Now is the BEST time to start.

We have taken the guesswork out of the process for you. Over the next 13 weeks, you will experience a closer walk with Christ, a better understanding of the Bible, and more meaningful relationships with others as you walk through this step-by-step process for spiritual growth. Continue Reading…